Following we are giving you the main reasons why Insulclock will help you to start living in a different and more safety way. During last 4 years of research and development we have carried out several beta-tester sessions and we have shaped co-creation spaces. In these spaces, we have been working with people with diabetes side by side and, to be truthful, the result of all these actions is the Insulclock system itself. Want to know the main reasons why they would like to have an Insulclock in their lives?


Did I take my insulin?

This question comes up constantly. Diabetes won’t let up, so we must learn to live with and manage it in the best possible way but it’s really annoying to remember the whole day if we have taken the insulin or not, isn’t it? A double injection is not the solution, and this is why one of the most appreciated Insulclock’ features by our users is the simplicity to know if they have injected the insulin or they haven’t.

Has my child taken his/her insulin at school?

Insulclock system transmits data in real time, so that it is very easy to know if your child, husband, wife or parents have injected the insulin correctly. You will also know if they do not inject it and you may help them to comply with their treatment, because all of us need extra help occasionally.

Are you still filling in your diabetic diary manually?

Everything is easier with Insulclock. Your data will be register in the Insulclock mobile application: glycemia, injection time, insulin type, administered insulin units, meals, notes, etc. Everything available with a single click. Can you imagine that you can send all this information to your doctor before the next medical check? This is possible with Insulclock.

Do you ever forget to inject your insulin?

This has ever happened to us all. You are in a party, or during an exam, or at job and you lose your train of thought. It is nearly impossible to forget an insulin injection with Insulclock. The system enables to set several alarms which will sound the app and the device at scheduled time. If you continue not injecting the insulin at the programmed time, the system will remind it you every 15 minutes. After two hours, as long as you do not take your insulin, we will warn the registered person in the app to help you. Remember, we are not alone with diabetes. The family net support is of vital importance. 

Do you wait 10 seconds after you inject before removing the needle?

No.  This is the most common answer for this question. Very few people count the 10 seconds as insulin labs recommends for a proper insulin administration. Do not you usually have a few drops of insulin left over when you withdraw the injection? This is far more common than you think. Thus, Insulclock system helps you to take the insulin in the right way. We count the injecting time for you and, at the end of the injection, the device will warn you with a visual and sound alert.

Have you ever gotten confused about the type of insulin?

Many of the people interested in our system are so because of their confusion when injecting fast or basal insulin. Insulclock automatically tells the type of injected insulin, removing any doubt. Furthermore, no more actions are required, it is like magic but is R & D.

Do you really know at what temperature you have kept the insulin?

You may be surprised to know how many times the insulin is not kept at proper temperatures. It is impossible to know if the insulin is spoiled or if it is not doing effect. With Insulclock these doubts are over. You will know the temperature of your pen in every moment and, in case of overtake some limit, we will warn you for your safety.

Which data about you diabetes do you provide to your doctor?

With the Insulclock App you decide which data you will send to your doctor via email. Or more easy, if you authorize your doctor, he or she may have access to data about diabetes management and control.

Do you know where you have left your insulin pen?

It usually happens to us that we waste a lot of time looking for the insulin pen. Search on the couch, under the cushion, in the car, in your sport bag, among your children’s toys, etc.

With Insulclock is very easy to find it. The app offers the option to look for your device and, if you use it, your Insulclock will sound  and light up to easily find it.

The importance of our T3D

In this journey that represents to live with a chronic disease like diabetes is, our journey partners are of vital importance. Yes, we all know that feeding, sport, medical checks or treatment adherence are essential but not many times we pay attention to our T3D. Mams, dads, our couples, these involved children who help us to control and manage our diabetes. We have it perfectly clear: diabetes does not only affect the patient but the whole family. Knowing what to do and how to behave in each moment is essential. Thus, with the Insulclock app, you can share with them all data that you want, for enabling them to help and support you in most difficult moments. You may activate or deactivate all warns: if you take or not the insulin, alarms, etc.

Do you want more reasons to put an Insulclock in your life?

Insulclock has been completely developed by Insulcloud S.L. We are a tiny startup that designs technological solutions to improve the quality of life of people with chronical diseases and of their relatives. Buying Insulclock you support the other people with several pathologies. Buying Insulclock you support an 100% Spanish company and creating quality new jobs. All the Insulclock development has been done in Spain, in fact we have received the Spanish SME Brand by MINECO.

Buy now Insulclock for € 249 for a lifetime

What does the Insulclock system include?

A device compatible with your disposable insulin pen. If during the first year your physician changes your treatment, do not worry, we also changes your device and will give another one compatible with your new insulin pen.

An App in constant evolution and update. You will always have the latest version of an App that adds features little by little. For example, now we are compatible with Menarini’s glucometers. Little by little we will incorporate different models of the market, so that you have all the data related to your diabetes in a single App.

The Insulclock App also helps you to know your sensitivity factor, do you really need more reasons?