The truth is that we know few people who count the injection time when they administer the insulin. In fact, we don’t do it. We do it for a reasonable time period but, do we really keep the needle inside for all the time that insulin laboratories recommend?

With the Insulclock system you will never doubt again if you are injecting properly or not. We believe that the technology is essential for diabetes to improve our quality of life, but it is useless without a correct diabetes education.


Insulclock is able to tell you if you have already taken your insulin, it reminds you to inject if you have not done it yet, fills in the diabetic notebook for you and even knows if your pen has been exposed to temperatures that cause insulin to lost its properties.

With the Insulclock system we help you to improve the insulinization, properly and on time. How do we do it? The device warns you when the proper time has elapsed since the starting to the end of an injection, with visual and sound signals, making you to know the recommended seconds by manufacturer have elapsed.

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In the event that the elapsed time is not the recommended one, you will receive a notification in the App reminding you that you have not administered insulin properly, according to the instructions of each laboratory.

This information can also be consulted by your tutor, caregiver, endocrinologist or T3D who accompanies you with the management and control of diabetes.
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