All of us who are parents of a child with diabetes, wonder this when our child is at the school. Did you know that the socio-economic impact for a family with a child with diabetes is around 27,000 €? The Crystal study was the first in the world giving these data. This happens especially because when a child is diagnosed with diabetes, one of two parent stops working. 

Insulclock at school

With Insulclock at school, we provide a complete peace to parents, thus preventing that one of them has to leave his or her job, especially when minors became into autonomous for managing and tracking the diabetes.

What does Insulclock provide to my child diabetes tracking?

Having Insulclock attached to the insulin pen of your child. You will know at every moment when he or she has injected the insulin, the type of insulin injected and how many units he or she has administered. All of this is remotely and automatically. There is even more, we care a lot about you. If your child doesn’t inject insulin properly and on time, you will receive a message, as long as you have activated this function. With this function, we help you generating a climate of trust between you and your child, but in case of he or she needs support, you may always be with him or her and warm your child that he or she has forgotten to inject the insulin.


Insulclock is able to tell you if you have already taken your insulin, it reminds you to inject if you have not done it yet, fills in the diabetic notebook for you and even knows if your pen has been exposed to temperatures that cause insulin to lost its properties.

Insulclock is ideal for being with your child managing autonomous his or her diabetes

Many times, parents are overprotective with the management and control of diabetes of our children. We believe that it is essential to work with that assignment of responsibility and climate of trust so that the transfer of self-care is collaborative and ideal. Insulclock helps generating that climate of trust, since we will give to your child plots of responsibility little by little but always knowing what is really happening. Having this information is the key to working in that climate of trust and offering, on the one hand, peace of mind for parents and, on the other hand, security for children.
We all together make the perfect team.

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