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The truth is that this is a more usual question than we, people with diabetes, think. Want to know why we find hard to remember if we have injected the insulin or not and which is the solution that we propose?

In our day to day, it is very usual to inject insulin around 4 or 5 times a day. If this figure is multiplied by 365 days of a year, we have a total of 1825 injections. Furthermore, we should multiply this figure by the elapsed years since we have been diagnosed with diabetes for first time.


Insulclock is able to tell you if you have already taken your insulin, it reminds you to inject if you have not done it yet, fills in the diabetic notebook for you and even knows if your pen has been exposed to temperatures that cause insulin to lost its properties.

As you may realize, to inject insulin is something routine, constant in time and usual. What normally happens with this kind of actions is that our brain automatize this labor, it makes it a routine and it doesn’t pay attention. E.g. What do we normally do when closing the car? We check up if we have closed it.

Not paying all the attention and not being 100% aware of the injection, due to the automatization, our brain is not able to remember if we have injected the insulin or not. This thing, in the case of the administration of a medicament, is severe.

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With Insulclock, this will never happen to you again, since both app and device remember for you when you injected the insulin, how many units and what type of insulin. Everything automatically. And what does it happen if you do not have your mobile with you? Nothing happens, the device will tell you, with light and sound, if you have injected insulin two hours ago.

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