Aren’t you tired of writing out a notebook or an App with all the information related with diabetes? We want to save you time, effort and absent-mindedness with Insulclock. How? Insulclock makes extraordinarily easier the annotation of data related with management and tracking of diabetes, having everything in the same place and enabling you to share this information with your physician or diabetes educator.


Insulclock is able to tell you if you have already taken your insulin, it reminds you to inject if you have not done it yet, fills in the diabetic notebook for you and even knows if your pen has been exposed to temperatures that cause insulin to lost its properties.

The most complete diabetic diary

With the Insulclock system, many of your notes will be automatic, as magically. When you inject insulin, the type of insulin and the amount of units will be recorded without any work on your part.
Moreover, some glucometers of the current market are synchronized and you will not need to add any data manually although you can do it manually in the case that you have a non-compatible glucometer. There’s even more! Add pics of your food, portions, notes about how you feel, physical activity and much more.
At the end, you will save a lot of time managing your diabetes with Insulclock, furthermore, you be always sure if you have injected your insulin or not, where your pen is and its temperature, etc.

Do you want the best app for your diabete?

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