Today we want to talk about our Insulclock App for diabetes control and management. It is availabable totally free for iOS and Android. Do you want to take the most of it? Here you have all you need to know about our diabetes app.


Suitable for most glucometers and continuous glucose monitors.

As many of you already know, Insulclock is a system made up by an app and a device that goes anchored to your disposable insulin pen, turning it into a real smart pen. But our app for the control and management of diabetes can be used by itself, even if you do not have the Insulclock device. And what type of things can you do with our app? Well, a lot! And here we are to explain everything…


App diabetes Insulclock


First of all, you need to download the Insulclock app from your app store. Here you have the links in case you have not done it yet:

iOS 👉

Android 👉

Once the app is installed, you can start storing and saving all the data related to your diabetes.

Do you have a compatible glucometer? Link it!

The Insulclock app can be linked to a lot of glucometers and CGMs so all your data is automatically saved.

Are you using any of the following?

Do you want to see how to link yours?


App diabetes Insulclock

Once the glucometer is linked, you will see your blood sugar levels data in your Insulclock app. If you glucometer is not compatible, however, with the Insulclock app you can still do this manually. See how to do this in the next video:.

App diabetes Insulclock


Adding a insulin dose in the Insulclock diabetes app

As we told you above, the Insulclock system is made up of a free app and a device. The Insulclock device is very useful for people with disposable insulin pens as it helps saving all data related with injections. But, if you do not use insulin pens, do not worry: you can still use only the app. If you want to know more about the Insulclock device and all it can do for you, click on this link.

In order to register your insulin doses in the Insulclock app, check the next video:

App diabetes Insulclock


Save all your meals and carbohydrates

It has never been so easy to save all your meals: just take a pic! Besides, you can also add notes and the amount of carbohydrates. Do you want to know how you can count carbohydrates? 

App diabetes Insulclock


The importance of exercise in diabetes

Practising exercise regularly is key in order to have a good control of diabetes. When we workout, our cells become more sensitive to insulin, so they are more efficient. Besides, our organism increases the use of glycose, so it is reduced in our blood. In case you already know this and have exercise daily, do you control the time and type of exercise? You can know thanks to the Insulclock app.

Set your alarms to remind you about your insulin doses

We are sure you have forgotten about your insulin doses more than once. To prevent this from happening again, you can now set reminders in the Insulclock app: it will help you remembering the times when you need to take your insulin.

Insulclock diabetes app

As you can see, Insulclock has several features, and all for free. But we are still working hard to improve it and add even more functionalities.There is nothing else we can say about Insulclock: we just want you to try it. Its aim is to improve the quality-life of people with diabetes.