It is usual, when a person was just diagnosed with diabetes, he/she feels lost and confused. In response, being alone with his/her disease, he/she feels the need to search all kind of information. In these cases, the most recurrent way is Internet. We have selected a list of best diabetes blogs for you.

It is probably that you have shown interest on this post because you need to know more about this disease and who to better manage it. Do not be alarmed neither be ashamed of this!

Have you ever heard the word resilience? It is the capacity to handle and overcome life’s adversities, to transform the pain into driving force and come out stronger from them. A resilient person understands that he/she is the architect of his/her happiness and his/her own destiny.

This is the way how we see the figure of a blogger who lives first hand this disease, sharing his/her experiences closely, giving advises, news, etc. and providing such valuable information achieving to be a real source of inspiration, motivation and self-improvement for everybody who strives to learn and understand this disease.

So if your today intention was to find valuable information, you are in luck! Because we have chosen for you a list with the best diabetes blogs.

Blogs written by professionals, nutritionists, psychologists, nurse educators, etc.

Serafín Murillo

Serafín Murillo, 35 years old, Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics by the University of Barcelona, links his activity to treat diabetes with good nutrition and physical exercise.

In recent years, he has been one of the creators of the Diabetes and Sport Unit, in which investigations programs are carried out for asset the effects of physical exercise on people with diabetes. He shares most of his assessments on his blog.


This blog came from Maximiliano Cifarelli, Biochemist of the National University of the South of Bahía Blanca, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013. He has created a meeting point to discuss the subjects that worries more people with diabetes, their friends and relatives, with clear information addressed to the general public.

Now, he is interested in sharing his experiences and disseminate information for helping people in his same situation. Diabepedia is without a doubt the Wikipedia of diabetes.

My Sweet Life with Diabetes

Nora Ortega, Psychologist and Diabetes educator, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 9. Her blog was born with the aim of collaborating in the area of diabetes, where she pretends to teach and educate through her experiences with this disease.

blogs sobre la diabetes don sacarino

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Don Sacarino

Adrián, more popularly known in networks with the nickname “Don Sacarino”, is pediatric nurse at the HUAC (Central University Hospital of Asturias), was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 15.

Since then, his career path has been of continuous training and learning. His blog is specially addressed to children with the aim of helping and making the disease something more common, pleasant and flexible. Apart from teaching, he takes a forward step by creating an open community where people can express their worries.

¡Dulcesitos para mi!

Mariana Gómez, from Mexico, is a psychologist with type 1 diabetes. Due to few existing technology in her country, she is compelled to start a continuous formation with which she pretends to educate and defend herself against diabetes. It is when her blog sees the light for first time.

Family blogs; Determined parents with sweet warriors in their charge, the acclaimed guardian angels DT3:

blogs sobre la diabetes diabeTrex

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Diabetrex is a particular project in which his author, Silvana González, relates her experience with her sweet warrior, who endures type 1 diabetes and the one who has nicknamed him T-Rex.

This blog is particularly addressed to these “pancreas mums” with the aim of raise awareness and help by telling her daily livings and anecdotes as a mother of a patient with diabetes.

Jaime, my sweet warrior

As in the blog mentioned above, Mila, the mother of tinny Jaime, has the mission, by using her blog, to give a message of encouragement and positivism to those families touched by type 1 diabetes, in addition to spur them, educate and teaching them to deal with diabetes in an optimums way, just for the wellbeing of their children.


Under the slogan “if you are well…they too” was born this blog specially addressed to guardian angels, known, nowadays, like type 3 diabetics (T3D), people who live with a person with diabetes. In this case, the writer is the father who, since his daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, started to share good and bad points, experiences, thoughts with other T3D and all of that what can be useful for making them happy.

Blogs for athletes; with goals and objectives for overcoming:

DT1 Team

Dt1 Team is an open team of people with diabetes, mostly made up by elite athletes, triathletes, cyclists, pilots, etc., with the aim of helping people who want to practice sports or to compete, regardless of the level he/she has. With their blog you are enabled to get infected with the desire for improvement they have and catch the message with which they pretend to raise awareness by proving that diabetes must not an impediment to practice your favorite sport.


They are another diabetics sport team that want with their blog just dissemination, precisely, of the importance of sport in the treatment of diabetes. With this blog, all the components of this team want to spread the message that with diabetes, not only you can do sports, but you also should, showing with their example and with all the activities that they organize from the Association, the great benefits that sport represents for the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes Nofear

Diabetes No Fear is a non-profit project that seeks to raise awareness of the real capacities that diabetics have to live a full life thanks to practicing exercise.

Antonio LLedo, its creator, spreads a strength message “being diabetic does not make you stronger, it forces you to be”. In his blog he shares his milestones and objectives with the idea of motivating those people with diabetes who, because of the little information or bad experiences, they have created a fear that causes them to reject sport, travel and any other activity away from the fenced environment.

A diabetic in the Dakar

Daniel Albero, 43 years old, with diabetes since he was 8, has a particular dream: to race in the Dakar, the hardest race of the world. A diabetic has never raced the Dakar rally. From his blog he shares not only his project, but also the project of diabetics who show that with effort and dedication, a person with diabetes can reach what he/she decides, since everyone fixes his/her own goals but not diabetes.

He defends to have a healthy lifestyle to have a proper control and, in this way, avoid disease complications and, of course, it should never be lacking gas and insulin!

Julio G. Casado y Pablo Ojeda de Insulclock

Julio G. Casado and Pablo Ojeda de Insulclock

Julio García Do not be stopped by diabetes

Julio G. Casado, the writer of the blog Do not be stopped by diabetes. In this blog, he tackles this chronic disease from a positive, realistic and responsible point of view. He writes based on his own experiences, sharing helpful information and providing tools for having a good management without compromise the lifestyle. He is type 1 diabetic since his 8.

His posts about diabetes convey great optimism and willpower. According to his own words: ‘With a good self-control and preparation We will not renounce anything’.

Beta tester: We had the opportunity to meet him in person and showed him our system detailing its functionalities one by one. You can see it in the following link.

Diabetes is not my limit

Francisco Tapias, more known as @superdiabetico endures diabetes since he was 17. His blog has two simple finalities; the first one is to make everybody knows our disease, and the second one and most important, is to show the diabetes and the sport form his own experience.

The idea is that through his experiences, try to help and encourage to perform sports on a daily basis both other diabetics and any person and, furthermore, show to everybody that we are the ones who set ourselves the limits in life and that a motivated person can face any challenge proposed by oneself.

Beta tester: Fran was one of the first in come to meeting our team Insulclock and shares with us his experiences as a patient, what has helped very much to improve our product. We leave you a link where he tells his experience.


Jacobo Navarro Bellini, is Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and diabetic since his 17. By using his blog he pretends to tell his personal experiences, always from a professional point of view on the world of sports and showing that diabetes is not a restriction for having an active lifestyle.

He has clear that each body and every metabolism are different. For this reason, he encourages everyone to obtain all those opinions that may be useful and apply them in the manner they deem most convenient.

From footballer to trail-runner through diabetes

Germán Romera has type 1 diabetes since his 20. Currently, he is an amateur trail-runner, although in other sport stage of his live he was professional football player, competing in the Spanish Third Division Football League. With his blog he tries to encourage the practice of sports, especially among people with diabetes, because he is conscious about the importance of sports in our treatment. Through his personal milestones and experiences he tries to open people’s eyes that if we keep our eyes on a motivation, we will achieve what we have set our mind to.

His blog will not be available soon, but you can follow him in the web, with a more professional and modern image.


María, aka Rockingsneakers, is diabetic since she was 3 years old and has always been passionate about sport. Daily, diabetes and sports go hand in hand. Diabetes has taught her that handicaps are, in fact, motivations for giving all her best and sport has taught her how to be a stronger and more self-confident woman.

During her short sport career, she has practiced different sports like taekwondo, basket, Athletics, etc. Nowadays, the sport that she has as reference is cross fit; she got in love with irons so much that she has exchanged number for magnesium, dedicating to lifting very heavy weights, so she is a veteran powerlifter.

The propose of her blog was to promote sports practice and have a balanced life.

Chronic Travelers

Chronic Travelers is the blog written by a couple from Cordoba (Spain). Both are entrepreneurs travelers very interested in living new experiences.

Ulises, one of the writers, endures type 1 diabetes. You will find very helpful information on his first-person accounts about all his adventures. Moreover, under his slogan “cycling for diabetes” he pretends to massively disseminate information about this disease, doing his bit on making awareness and disseminating the diabetes through self-control, acceptance and willpower.

Blogs by experienced people with diabetes:

blogs sobre la diabetes jedi azucarado

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The reflections of a Sugary Jedi

More than 25 years as a communication professional, 30 with diabetes and almost two decades actively involved with diabetes and health. “The reflections of a Sugary Jedi (Jedi Azucarado)” is one of the ways that he has to help people. In his blog you are enabled to read news but also discover his experiences and his point of view about everything that surrounds the world of diabetes. Furthermore to be Jedi Azucarado, he is an e-patient because of all this years being around diabetes and he tries you to be an active and empowered patient too.

Repúblika diabetes

A trialogue blog, from three very experienced people, who write with a common goal: to speak about diabetes from the point of view of a person who lives it and lives with it, but with the distinctive feature that has each one of writers separatelly. That is exactly why this blog is named REPUBLIKA DIABETES, because they are a team, they work as a group and because each one has an individual role that gives meaning and makes the project work.

If you are looking for a virtual bond, we invite you all to join this REPUBLIKA!

Live your diabetes

Patricia Santos is well known because of her Live your diabetes , in which she shares her experiences related with the world of diabetes. She writes based on her experiences as a type 1 diabetes patient, by sharing useful and responsible information.

Furthermore, she provides tools for a proper diabetes management without affecting the lifestyle and, in this way, achieve an improvement of her quality of life.

Patricia has been one of the first in testing Insulclock for Novorapid and she wanted to share her user experiences on her blog. It is an extensive post that we invite you to read following this link.

Living Diabetes on board my roller coaster

Cath is a social communicator and the author of the blog where she shares her personal and professional life testimony of a woman with type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years. She shares with all those who are starting with diabetes, as well as with those who has type 1 diabetes for a long time, in order to avoid them to commit the same mistakes as her because of lack of information and because of not having stories from people in the same condition, in addition to learn from people who want to share their experiences. As the saying goes: “You learn something new every day”. And it is true because with this “on board traveling partner” no one stops learning.

Cooking blogs; food and nutrition:

I diabetes

Ana, a part from writing her blog, she loves cooking for learning, sharing, combating and proposing means to fight against diabetes, from her own experience as a patient and achieve a better quality of life.

Her diabetes forced her to rethinking her kitchen’s organization. During these years she has adapted a lot of recipies to her tastes and particular needs, compiling a good number of recipes in different and varied formats.

The recipies that she shares are those which are best suited to a low carb diet, also incorporating non-vegetarian dishes that have been approved by her family.

Food for diabetics

This blog has been created with the aim of offering to its readers the best information on food, lifestyle and diet for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

The main objective is to improve the quality of life of all people interested in learning how better manage their diabetes, well because they are suffering it or well because they have a relative who is enduring it.

Likewise, they work on disease prevention and management for pre-diabetic people or with risk of enduring this disease.


Dr. Cesar Giral, one of founders, has created a virtual space for inspiring people who suffer diabetes. Giving scientific information and practical advises, they show that diabetes is not an obstacle to live a long, healthy and profitable life.

They continuously work from their blog looking for most updated and advanced information from different medical fields and other fields of interest for people with diabetes. They offer helpful recommendations and useful and easy recipes for having a strict and effectiveness management of the diabetes, preventing its eventual complications.

blogs sobre la diabetes dulces diabeticos

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Diabetic sweets

This blog was born from a young team, sweet and desert lover, who are conscious that there are a huge amount of people with diabetes (some of them are their relatives) and the growing concern of other about their diet. They decided to launch this blog with the goal of put recipes and useful information about deserts and sweets sugar free, within the reach of everyone for they enjoy all they love without getting worried.

Cooking for diabetics

Who says that having diabetes means not being able to continue enjoying delicious food and homemade recipes? So they wanted to transmit in this blog full of delicious recipes and adding advices about how to prepare a tasty and healthy food for diabetics.

Optimistic blogs; full of diabetic humor:

Blog diabeticotipo1 by Carolina Zarate

She is a publicist from Bogota, 37 years old, diagnosed with diabetes when she was 24. After 10 years of treatment with multiple injections, she started using insulin pump. Since she was diagnosed, she has learnt that diabetes is not a handicap but one of her biggest challenges.
With her blog she invite us to look at diabetes from an optimistic and positive point of view.

Diabetes in strips

Sergio Cerón is an illustrator and graphic designer who, son after being diagnosed, thought that it would be cool to have a little blog with experiences and ideas related with diabetes. At the beginning he thought in writing but then he understood that it would be better to express himself in his natural way: illustrations. He uses strips to show, with a lot of humor, situations that a person with diabetes has to face every day.

For the time being, he does not pursue an specific aim, juts try to communicate ideas and experiences about the disease, hopping someone else find them interesting, helpful or funny.

Maricusa Sugar Free

María, with type 1 diabetes for more than 20 years, has created her blog where she has as main objective making people with diabetes do not feel alone, showing this disease by sharing information and support with a different point of view on diabetes, more positive, with a hint of humor.

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