Insulin sensitivity or correction factor

22/11/2018 in Health and diabetes

Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) indicates how much one unit of rapid or regular insulin will lower blood glucose (mg/dll or g/mol).

The correction factor, is the calculation to determine the dose of insulin necessary to correct the glycaemia.

The insulin sensitivity factor may vary and be different from one time of day to another even it is possible that significantly varies between disease stages.

When to use insulin correction factor?

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Best diabetes blogs. Insulclock

29/08/2018 in Recomendations

It is usual, when a person was just diagnosed with diabetes, he/she feels lost and confused. In response, being alone with his/her disease, he/she feels the need to search all kind of information. In these cases, the most recurrent way is Internet. We have selected a list of best diabetes blogs for you. Continue reading »

The yesterday and today of diabetes. Insulclock

22/08/2018 in Health and diabetes

We are conscious that yesterday and today of diabetes are not the same. The development of the control and treatment criteria have been very relevant for the management of this disease.

With this new section we are going to travel across the time, sharing with you the diabetes’ evolution during all these years. Week after week, we will add new content with your help. Yes, that is! We want you to help us to fill out this section with before and after photos of diabetes control. Continue reading »

Insulclock, smart-insulin pen

14/08/2018 in Entreprenurship

Do you want to know how we have developed Insulclock, smart-insulin pen?

We have more than four years on our backs innovating and developing technological solutions for improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases and their families.

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Insulin needles “ARE NOT REUSABLE”

13/08/2018 in Health and diabetes

The Spanish Public Healthcare System finances the insulin needles to insert in the pen. Necessary trips to monitor the glycemia are also financed.

Currently, many people complain that there is not enough resources, but above all else, they are complaining about the bad quality of what the healthcare system delivers. Patients will receive different brands or models depending on patient’s residence. Even in some healthcare centres where economic factor is scarce, they recommend to reuse needles. It is not the first time that a patient is heard complaining because a healthcare centre does not deliver enough needles, and tell him or her to reuse the needle.

It is forbidden by the Spanish law and by European regulation (explicitly written on the product packaging), needles cannot be used more than once, are not reusable. It must be used one new needle for every shot. Continue reading »

Waste management for patients with diabetes

13/08/2018 in Health and diabetes

Living with diabetes implies to acquire daily knowledge on it continuously and this is why it is necessary to obtain a responsible management on this disease.

To be responsible does not only implies to carry out a proper control on glucose levels, moreover person with diabetes has to be aware of other aspects like waste management of things used during the treatment, i.e., drugs and utensils like needles, strips, lancets, etc. Continue reading »

Guide to count carbohydrates

13/08/2018 in Nutrition and diabetes

Guide to count carbohydrates


Everybody should count and have into account the carbohydrates taken, what is something essential for being completely informed on  ingested calories. Diabetics must pay much more attention on it.

Foods contain macronutrients, those nutrients which provide the most part of metabolic energy to the organism, like proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are the macronutrient that increase blood glucose level. So that, for people with diabetes, it is essential to count the carbohydrates that they ingest.

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14/02/2018 in Uncategorized

Insulclock is the result of all betatester

Insulclock you do it. It is the result that covers all the needs of chronic diabetes patients, those who need to inject insulin daily to survive. Our system has been designed based on the requests, suggestions, tips … we have received from all those people who have tested it.

We want to thank each and every one of the beta testers who have come to try Insulclock. Without them, it would not have been possible to have implemented a solution as complete and efficient as the one we have manufactured.

Our mission as a social enterprise is to improve the quality of life of millions of diabetic patients by increasing their adherence to treatment. Offering accurate, reliable and real-time information to endocrine, parent or guardian of diabetic patients.

In our day to day we breathe honesty, companionship and empathy. We believe in the possibility of being able to change the world with Insulclock and we know that we will improve the lives of the chronic patients of diabetes. We want to make people happy, normalizing their illness, while we enjoy our work.

You know, we work for and for you. If you want to join our betatester community, just send an email to We wait for you!

Diabetes in numbers

14/02/2018 in Uncategorized

Diabetes in numbers

Diabetes is one of those diseases that are more extended than what is thought. This disease, in which blood contents high levels of glucose, that is, sugar, affects to many people the length and breadth of the planet. There are different types of diabetes that can result in different complications for who suffers of it but, in any case, it is a disease that can lead to serious health problems.

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