Guide to count carbohydrates

13/08/2018 in Nutrition and diabetes

Guide to count Carbs


Everybody should count and have into account the carbohydrates taken, what is something essential for being completely informed on ingested calories. Diabetics must pay much more attention to it.

Foods contain macronutrients, which provide the most part of the metabolic energy to the organism, like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Carbohydrates are the macronutrient that increases the blood glucose level. For this reason, it is essential for people with diabetes to count the carbohydrates that they ingest.

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Insulclock is the result of all betatester

Insulclock you do it. It is the result that covers all the needs of chronic diabetes patients, those who need to inject insulin daily to survive. Our system has been designed based on the requests, suggestions, tips … we have received from all those people who have tested it.

We want to thank each and every one of the beta testers who have come to try Insulclock. Without them, it would not have been possible to have implemented a solution as complete and efficient as the one we have manufactured.

Our mission as a social enterprise is to improve the quality of life of millions of diabetic patients by increasing their adherence to treatment. Offering accurate, reliable and real-time information to endocrine, parent or guardian of diabetic patients.

In our day to day we breathe honesty, companionship and empathy. We believe in the possibility of being able to change the world with Insulclock and we know that we will improve the lives of the chronic patients of diabetes. We want to make people happy, normalizing their illness, while we enjoy our work.

You know, we work for and for you. If you want to join our betatester community, just send an email to We wait for you!

Diabetes in numbers

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Diabetes in numbers

Diabetes is one of those diseases that are more extended than what is thought. This disease, in which blood contents high levels of glucose, that is, sugar, affects to many people the length and breadth of the planet. There are different types of diabetes that can result in different complications for who suffers of it but, in any case, it is a disease that can lead to serious health problems.

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How to heal wounds of a person with diabetes?

07/02/2018 in Experts

If you discover a wound, treat it immediately.

Wounds can suppose a severe problem for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Risk of infection is more habitual for diabetics due to their lower capacity to fight infections. For this reason, it is imperative to know how to properly heal these affections. Continue reading »

How to know if you have diabetes?

06/02/2018 in Health and diabetes

Diabetes is a silent disease which goes unnoticed in some occasions. In Spain, almost half of the people with type II diabetes, elderly and adults, do not know that they have it. This general ignorance, either by lack of information or lack of consciousness-raising, it is very dangerous for a good track of diabetes’ treatment, which can lead to fatal consequences, if it is not diagnosed on time or appropriate measures are taken. How to know if you suffer from this pathology?

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Glucagon, what is it for?

05/02/2018 in Health and diabetes

Glucagon, just like insulin, is a peptide hormone secreted by the pancreas. Its main function is to stimulate the liver to produce glucose, this means to increase the blood glucose.

It has the opposite effect of insulin, which decreases the blood sugar level. When blood sugar levels are low, pancreas releases glucagon; when blood sugar levels increases, it is stimulated insulin release. This is the way to keep glycemia stable.
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Insulin injection

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Where and How to inject the insulin

Insulin injection is used to monitor blood sugar level of those people who endure Type 1 Diabetes . In these cases, the organism is no table to produce insulin by itself (it is for this reason that it cannot regulate the amount of sugar in blood). This control could be gained not through intake oral medicaments, consequently insulin injections are the unique viable solution.

These injections are effective by moving sugar from blood to tissues, where it will be used to produce energy. At the same time, it also has the function to avoiding liver produces high quantities of sugar.

Which devices do exist to inject insulin?

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Glycated hemoglobin and its importance to diabetes

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We analyze the importance of glycated hemoglobin and its features in the following post.

What is the glycated hemoglobin?

People who endure diabetes have to monitor the disease in order to avoid the appearance of complications. It may well be the case that a physician wants to analyze the blood sugar levels daily, at a certain time intervals of the day. There is a medical test that is known as capillary blood glucose. Continue reading »