Best diabetes blogs. Insulclock

29/08/2018 in Recomendations

It is usual, when a person was just diagnosed with diabetes, he/she feels lost and confused. In response, being alone with his/her disease, he/she feels the need to search all kind of information. In these cases, the most recurrent way is Internet. We have selected a list of best diabetes blogs for you. Continue reading »

Advantages of belonging to an Association of People with Diabetes

04/12/2017 in Recomendations

When a person is diagnosed with a disease like diabetes, his or her world can be crashing down on his or her if he or she does not count with the support of people who suffers the same disease. Since they were diagnosed, they will believe that they are going to represent a hindrance they will get worked up thinking that they are going to be different to the other people. Our advice is to enrol to an association for people with diabetes. Continue reading »