Insulclock promotion: turn your insulin pen into a smart one

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Due to the previous success in Spain with our Insulclock free trial campaign, we strike back! But this time, our promotion will be available in the rest of the world too.

In that previous campaign, we received so many requests to try the Insulclock system for free that more than 500 users could not have the chance. That is why we repeat our offer, so this time there will be no one left without their Insulclock device. And, again, if by the end of your trial you keep it (we are sure you will!), you will have it half-priced!

Do not miss the chance this time!
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Insulclock for the NovoNordisk FlexTouch

Technology and diabetes

Insulclock is the first system in the world (made up by an App and a device) that turns any disposable insulin pen into a real smart one. Can you imagine a way of saving automatically when, how many units, and the type of insuline you take? Well, this and more can now be possible thanks to Insulclock. And more specifically, we will show you all you can do if you have the NovoNordisk FlexTouch pen.

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An app to control and manage diabetes? Yes, Insulclock

Technology and diabetes

Today we want to talk about our Insulclock App for diabetes control and management. It is availabable totally free for iOS and Android. Do you want to take the most of it? Here you have all you need to know about our diabetes app.


Suitable for most glucometers and continuous glucose monitors.

As many of you already know, Insulclock is a system made up by an app and a device that goes anchored to your disposable insulin pen, turning it into a real smart pen. But our app for the control and management of diabetes can be used by itself, even if you do not have the Insulclock device. And what type of things can you do with our app? Well, a lot! And here we are to explain everything…

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