Insulclock is the result of all betatester

Insulclock you do it. It is the result that covers all the needs of chronic diabetes patients, those who need to inject insulin daily to survive. Our system has been designed based on the requests, suggestions, tips … we have received from all those people who have tested it.

We want to thank each and every one of the beta testers who have come to try Insulclock. Without them, it would not have been possible to have implemented a solution as complete and efficient as the one we have manufactured.

Our mission as a social enterprise is to improve the quality of life of millions of diabetic patients by increasing their adherence to treatment. Offering accurate, reliable and real-time information to endocrine, parent or guardian of diabetic patients.

In our day to day we breathe honesty, companionship and empathy. We believe in the possibility of being able to change the world with Insulclock and we know that we will improve the lives of the chronic patients of diabetes. We want to make people happy, normalizing their illness, while we enjoy our work.

You know, we work for and for you. If you want to join our betatester community, just send an email to info@insulclock.com. We wait for you!

Diabetes in numbers


Diabetes in numbers

Diabetes is one of those diseases that are more extended than what is thought. This disease, in which blood contents high levels of glucose, that is, sugar, affects to many people the length and breadth of the planet. There are different types of diabetes that can result in different complications for who suffers of it but, in any case, it is a disease that can lead to serious health problems.

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Insulin injection

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Where and How to inject the insulin

Insulin injection is used to monitor blood sugar level of those people who endure Type 1 Diabetes . In these cases, the organism is no table to produce insulin by itself (it is for this reason that it cannot regulate the amount of sugar in blood). This control could be gained not through intake oral medicaments, consequently insulin injections are the unique viable solution.

These injections are effective by moving sugar from blood to tissues, where it will be used to produce energy. At the same time, it also has the function to avoiding liver produces high quantities of sugar.

Which devices do exist to inject insulin?

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Problems derived from gestational diabetes


Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that appears, for first time, during the pregnancy of women which had not suffered before diabetes. es un tipo de diabetes que aparece, por vez primera, durante el embarazo de mujeres que no padecían antes esta enfermedad. It implies risks both for pregnant woman and fetus, risks like hypoglycemia, high blood pressure and babies with a bigger size than usual. It can be under control by having a healthy alimentation and doing daily exercise but, sometimes, the expectant woman needs insulin. Continue reading »

Insulclock. All about diabetic foot

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A deficient adherence to diabetes treatment can lead to disastrous consequences on body organs such as heart and kidneys. It also can damage the nerves and the blood circulation. These affections lead to ‘diabetic foot’, a severe complication common in diabetic patients that, if it is not promptly treated, may end in the dissection of this extremity. Continue reading »

Bucco-dental problems and diabetes


Diabetes Mellitus can lead to diseases in the gums. At the same time, these maladies stand in the way of monitoring blood sugar levels. This happens because people with diabetes are more vulnerable to getting bacterial infections like gingivitis (gums illness at first stage) and periodontitis (gums illness at advanced stage). Continue reading »

Diabetes and fitness


¡New Year, full gym!

First days of the year, everybody make resolutions for the upcoming year like getting fit, doing more sport or rigorously gone on a diet. For these reasons, gyms have a greater impact during first weeks of the year.

Healthy bodies are more attractive, most people love them, so it is becoming increasingly fashionable practicing fitness, a specialty that can be very easy for many people but no for people with diabetes. Continue reading »

Christmas and Diabetes


If you suffer diabetes, you must to control your alimentation at any time throughout the year, although it is more difficult during some special periods such as Christmas, when it is common to eat massively. We tell you all you need to know about Christmas and diabetes.
Diabetes is an irreversible disease which affects to glucose/sugar contained in blood of each person, such as in the urine. The organism fails with the production of insulin; if this is not monitor properly, serious problems can appear in organs, especially in kidneys, in the eyes, in nerves, even in vessels or in the heart. Experts ensure that the cases of incidence of the different types of diabetes has been increased during the last years.

If you want to control your diabetes during festivities, you only need to read the following advices in our special: Christmas and Diabetes. Continue reading »