Part of our team went last week to Barcelona on the occasion of the celebration of one of the most biggest events as far as healthtech innovation is concerned, Health 2.0.

Health 2.0. Europe this year introduced the topic of “The next generation of Health care”. The event was full of major conferences and round tables taking place whether over the topic. We may say the focus was on the patient empowerment and the importance of data. It should be pointed out Rafael Grossmann’s participation during the event, the first surgeon to use Google Glass. And although Health 2.0 keep up with a magnific agenda and a first category panel of speakers, its youngest brother, Healthio, has been extraordinary, an event that it is celebrated for first time and coming from the hand of Jordi Serrano.

What was sought with Healthio was to alow participating all people who could want it, and for sure they achived this goal. Helthio was accessible to the general public: patients, health personnel, health innovators… More than 200 members from the health sector gathered together to give speeches in the Agoras about several topics and we could even attend to a streaming surgical intervention.

In our itinerary about diabetes, during Healthio, we enjoyed fantastic seminars and we met Diabetika, with who we share nice talks and whom we showed our Insulclock device.

During Health 2.0 we also met Felipe Iglesias, Health 2.0 Galicia responsible. At Agora 5 he showed us his keys to improve the adherence.

The truth is we have to congrats the organization staff because both events have been world class. If we should take away with a single innovation proposal from all we saw, we highlight S-There. We were delighted by the project, the idea and the entrepeneur team which is behind.