Insulclock is a device compatible with FlexPen: this is a type of disposable insulin pens created by Novo Nordisk.

Insulclock is now also compatible with FlexPen disposable insulin pens, developed by the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. Among the differente types of insulin, you can find NovoRapid, Levemir, NovoLog…

According to this company, Flexpen improves different aspects in relation with other insulin pens:

  • An easier use in comparison with SoloSTAR ® and KwikPen ®
  • A significant better accuracy regarding doses, in comparison with SoloSTAR ®

How can I identify the type of insulin in FlexPen?

FlexPen insulin pens can be identified by their colour according to the type of insulin they are charged with. This makes their differentiation much more easier

Insulclock for Flexpen

You can now get your Insulclock compatible with Flexpen in our store and automatically save all data related with your insulin doses.

Want to know how can Insulclock help you on a daily basis? Keep on reading…

How does Flexpen work?

In the following video you can watch how FlexPen works according to Novo Nordisk:

Insulclock for Flexpen

To conclude…

Flexpen is a disposable insulin pen that has helped improving the life quality of people with diabetes. Do you remember how it was in past times?

There has been a clear improvement when it comes to take our insulin doses by means of insulin pens. Current insulin has also become more easy to carry and more reliable, while injections are less painful. There have been in general several improvements  in diabetes managemente thanks to something as simple as an insulin pen. FlexPen is not the only one available in the market, so we will keep on informing you about other types in next updates. What we would like to make clear is that they are by no means smart insulin pens that can remind you to take your doses or tell you the amount of units injected and of which type.


Suitable for most glucometers and continuous glucose monitors.

For this purpose Insulclock was created. Being compatible with 90% of insulin pens, it can turn any of them into a real smart one. All the data that can be collected from these pens is basic to keep track of any diabetes treatment.