Insulclock is the first system in the world (made up by an App and a device) that turns any disposable insulin pen into a real smart one. Can you imagine a way of saving automatically when, how many units, and the type of insuline you take? Well, this and more can now be possible thanks to Insulclock. And more specifically, we will show you all you can do if you have the NovoNordisk FlexTouch pen.

What can Insulclock do for you?

Insulclock is the most complete system so far, with many features that will be of your interest. In the following video you can see mnay things it can do for you:


Insulclock® for the FlexTouch® of NovoNordisk

With Insulclock you can now:

  1. Automatically save data related to the use of your disposable pen.
  2. Monitor the storage temperature of your insulin.
  3. Check in a simple and very visual way if you have already taken your dose.
  4. Optimize the time frame of injection, according to recommended indications.
  5. Link your glucometer or CGM in the Insulclock app.
  6. Add your meals data and relevant personal notes as you like.
  7. Set alarms, warnings and reminders.
  8. Keep track of your physical activity.


Suitable for most glucometers and continuous glucose monitors.

FlexTouch® pen for NovoNordisk

The main features of the disposable FlexTouch® pen are:

  1. The dose button is fixed: you won’t need to push so hard to take your injections.
  2. Dosing is more precise.
  3. A final click will let you know that the insulin has been taken correctly.
  4. According to NovoNordisk, more than an 80% of patients and healthcare professionals prefer FlexTouch® in comparison to other disposable systems such as SoloStar® and KwikPen®

For which type of insulins is Insulclock compatible if you have the FlexTouch® pen of NovoNordisk?

Fiasp, Levemir, Novorapid, Tresiba 100 and Tresiba 200. They all use the disposable FlexTouch® pen of NovoNordisk.

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