Due to the previous success in Spain with our Insulclock free trial campaign, we strike back! But this time, our promotion will be available in the rest of the world too.

In that previous campaign, we received so many requests to try the Insulclock system for free that more than 500 users could not have the chance. That is why we repeat our offer, so this time there will be no one left without their Insulclock device. And, again, if by the end of your trial you keep it (we are sure you will!), you will have it half-priced!

Do not miss the chance this time!

What is Insulclock?

Insulclock is a system made up by a free mobile app and the Insulclock® device that you can anchor to your disposable insulin pen: this way you will turn it into a smart one. Besides, our system can be linked to most glucometers, so your blood sugar levels and insulin doses will automatically appear in your app. You will always know whether you have taken your insulin, set reminders for your injections, know whenever your insulin has been exposed to suboptimal temperatures… And much more! And if the person with diabetes is a beloved one, you will always be in control of their insulin treatment. .


Suitable for most glucometers and continuous glucose monitors.

What can Insulclock do for me?

  • Monitor your insulin treatment, knowing always when, how many units and the type of insulin you take every day. It will all be automatically saved to your mobile app, as if by magic. (Do you know about our free app? Download it now!)
  • Save your blood glucose levels instead of writing them down. You can do this automatically or manually, you choose!
  • Be noticed of possible double-doses. Do you find it hard to remember whether you have already taken your insulin? No worries. You can now ask your Insulclock device or check this in our app.
  • Set reminders for your insulin daily doses, according to your preferences.
  • Fill up automatically your blood glucose levels, as well as your daily exercise and meals, so you have all your data in the app instead of in a notebook.
  • Add a caregiver or healthcare professional so they can help you managing your diabetes.

Can you imagine being at home and knowing anytime whether your child has taken their insulin in time and correctly? This is now possible!

So far, there are different apps and devices to help with diabetes, but they are all very basic in comparison to our system. No one can automatically register your disposable insulin pen data as we do. We make your insulin pen smart!

How can I take part in this promo?

It is very easy. You just need to sign here. If you receive an email as one of the chosen users for the trial, congrats! You will have the chance to try the Insulclock® system free for a whole month. You will just need to cover the delivery expenses

So, you know, if you want to try the first system in the world that turns any disposable insulin pen into a smart one, this is your chance.

Try a new way of managing your diabetes, try Insulclock® 

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