Do you want to know how we have developed Insulclock, a smart-insulin pen?

We have more than four years on our backs innovating and developing technological solutions to improve the quality of life of people with chronic diseases and their families.

How was Insulclock born?

Cofundadores y desarrolladores de la idea inicial

Co-founders of Insulcloud S.L.

Our company was born from a real need, from a problem shared by the two co-founders, Diabetes. José Luis is a patient with type 1 diabetes for more than 20 years, and Jesús, who lives diabetes as a caregiver, with several relatives with type 1 diabetes.

Among all the problems they lived for more than 20 years controlling and managing diabetes, the idea of developing a device to register data grew up; Insulclock was born.

During these 4 years, more than 20 people have made grow up the team: engineers, scientists, endocrinologists, diabetes educators, expert patients, etc. Thanks to the work done for each of them, now we can present the first worldwide system able to register automatically the use of the disposable insulin pen, in the end, we turn the disposable insulin pen into an intelligent one.

“We have followed a path of prototypes, tests, failures, improvements, synchronizations, developments, more failures and more problems”

Investments and supports

Logically, to reach what is now the first and only system in the world that turns the disposable insulin pen into a smart one, we have followed a path of prototypes, tests, failures, improvements, synchronizations, developments, more failures, and more problems… This is the apprenticeship track, something necessary that allows a tiny startup like ours to launch a product 100% designed and manufactured in Spain.

“We have spent more than 36.000 work hours and invested more than 2 million euros”

We have faced these 4 years with the support of the European Commission and the Government of Spain by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness. We have spent more than 36.000 work hours and invested more than 2 million euros for the technological development of Insulclock. Yes, R & D is really expensive.




We receive a lot of messages telling us that Insulclock should be financed by the Public Healthcare Systems but as most of you can imagine, it is a decision out of our concern. But of course, we ensure that we are doing our best to achieve it. We are carrying out clinical trials to demonstrate that Insulclock improves the adherence to the treatment with insulin, conducting several concept tests in different Spanish local governments, performing Insulclock free transfers to ensure its presence in most of the Spanish endocrinology services…

Nowadays, we have made an extra effort to adjust the price of the Insulclock system, made up by an app and the Insulclock device that is attached to the insulin pen to make it smart.

What is the Insulclock system?

  • It monitors the administration of insulin, registering when it is injected, how many units and what type of insulin. Everything is done automatically and is registered in the app like magic.


  • It stores the blood glucose levels on the diabetic diary, both manually and automatically (with different systems)

  • It registers the temperature that the insulin pen has been exposed to, watching over to preserve the insulin properties.

  • Alarms and caution warnings of a possible double injection. Don’t you remember if you have taken the insulin? Don’t worry, you can ask the device or look it in the app.

  • Alarms to remember the next insulin injection (set them as you want). You will never forget it again.

  • It fills out the diabetic diary automatically according to what is really happening with the administration of the treatment. You can send your diabetic diary via mail to your endocrine, or you can allow your endocrine to access directly if you allow him or her to monitor your treatment.
  • It gives you the possibility to establish a tutor or a caregiver for helping you manage your diabetes because diabetes is not an issue of just one; family is very important to improve the values and levels of the disease. Can you imagine being at home knowing that your child has injected the insulin correctly and on time? It is possible with Insulclock. A lot of apps and devices has been developed so far but all of them are basic compared with Insulclock. None of them register disposable insulin pen parameters automatically as we do. The truth is that there are smart insulin pens but so expensive. We democratize the use of disposable insulin pens turning them to smart-insulin pens.

Insulclock price

We have done all in our hands to offer Insulclock for the best price we can, and we strongly believe that is an honest price and easily depreciable.

Insulclock costs 249€ in a single payment for life, a price far less expensive than an iPhone or any low-end smartphone that exists. Moreover, as we want that everybody can afford it, we have asume the cost of financing the system. You can now finance your purchase in convenient installments.

Analyzing if it must be or not financed by Public Healthcare Systems is yet another job that is a battle that is now beginning. We are faithful defenders of the Spanish Public Healthcare System and we believe that technology improves our quality of life. We do not think that we have to say more about this topic. Technology for everyone according to physician criteria.

This is why we think that every technological advance is able to help people enduring chronic diseases must be defrayed as it was another medicament, because according to WHO health is not only absence of illness, furthermore, it is people’s physical, psychological and social wellbeing.


We love what we do, we really enjoy the pure R & D, we are in love with our work team and we want to continue developing technological solutions for improving people’s quality of life.

We want to thank the support from every person who trusts us, who has helped us without conditions, who has been with us during bad and good moments. For all of them, THANK YOU.

Our customers, yes there are people already using Insulclock. We are very motivated for knowing that they love Insulclock and it helps them daily. THANK YOU.

To our families for putting up, supporting and helping us. THANK YOU.

Definitely, Insulclock is a dream come true, a system thought by people with diabetes for people with diabetes. We are small people doing big things.

Go Insulclock 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽