Controls when, how much and what kind of insulin we have got.


The application informs when to put insulin with alarms and mails.


Our endocrinologist is informed in real time.

Automatically makes our diabetic notebook.


Send notifications to our tutors.


Know if insulin is in good condition.


Automatically makes our diabetic notebook.


Send notifications to our tutors.


Know if insulin is in good condition.

Let's live our diabetes without forgetting or making mistakes. Keep insulin under control with Insulclock.

Collaborate with us. Make a donation.

Fran Tapias
I practice sports daily in an intense way. I run, I ride my bike and I train for tests of 100 km. In addition, I am preparing for an opposition. My life is very busy. Thanks to Insulclock, I keep my diabetes under control because it records my records automatically and I share them with my doctor.
Fran Tapias@superdiabetico
Insulclock was a complete discovery for me. Our 12 year old son had diabetes for four years and we were always restless. And now, every time my son is away from home and he puts the insulin, we get a mobile message at the moment. It’s a step forward.
PatriciaMadre de niño diabético.
Araceli Martín
Since prescribing Insulclock to my insulin-dependent clients, adherence to treatment is significantly improving. Their glucose levels are more stable, since they do not have forgetfulness or errors. It allows me to give you better medication.
Araceli MartínCuidadora Diabetologica Fundacion Jimenez Diaz.

We will always know when, how much and
what kind of insulin we have.

We just have to inject and insult it will automatically create our diabetic notebook, recording when we have injected, how much and what type of insulin, noting also our glucose measurements.


We are also parents and tutors. No more worries. With insulation we will have peace of mind for us and ours.

We are also concerned about the health of our children or our parents, with Insulclock you will always know if insulin has been properly administered. You will get information comfortably to your mobile phone and in case of forgetting, you can always remind yourself.

Our endocrinologist can check our records directly in real time.

In addition, we can export our reports in excel and pdf format and give them to anyone we want. Your endocrinologist in the palm of your hand, send your data and he will help you control diabetes.


Long-lasting power


Connect and go


Export your records into PDF and excel


Your data will always be ready in the cloud


Large memory capacity


Compatible with all pens

Collaborate with us. Make a donation.

Welcome to the tranquility of a better life

Buy now Insulclock and enjoy the peace of mind! You will always be able to consult your diabetes data and never ask if you have insulin, how much you put on and what type. It's time to change your life, do not wait any longer.


*Shipments in the first quarter of 2018




At the moment, we carry 3 different models of Insulclock each with a custom fit for it's pen.
Choose yours and lead a better life.


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