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    Say hello to the future

We have always wanted to create a solution which really helps to improve life quality and life expectancy. A solution able to help you monitor your treatment and so intelligent for doing it for you.

Insulclock makes this vision come true.

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    The ease of injecting oneself, even easier


There is no other such device

Insulclock is the unique and first device of the market able to answer three questions such important as WHEN I have taken my insulin, HOW MUCH Insulin I have taken and WHAT TYPE of insulin I have taken.

Anything you can do, you can do better

Insulclock IMPROVES THE ADHERENCE TO TREATMENT and, consequently, your life quality. It is able to tell if you have already injected, it reminds you to inject if you have not done it, it educates you for a proper insulinization, and, even, it is able to know if your pen has been exposed to temperatures that can make insulin may lose its properties.


We fill in your diabetic diary for you, as magically

Using Insulclock is VERY EASY. We only have to place it in our insulin pen and use it as normally. Everything else will occur magically (yes, we fill in the diabetic diary for you).

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    A disruptive device deserves a disruptive app

With my diabetes everywhere

Insulclock’s app is the easiest and the most complete. You may manage your diabetic diary (insulin dose, blood glucose levels, notes and food pictures), set reminders for injecting, receiving alerts, being supported by your tutor, generating reports, having access to useful and current information on diabetes and much more.

Furthermore, the mobile application will guide you to have an active and healthy lifestyle (compatible with Google Fit and Healthkit).

Insulclock App

It is more useful than most applications

There is an Insulclock for you!!

Buy Insulclock once and enjoy it forever. Payment available in installments!

insulclock Lilly Humalog diabetes insulina
Kwikpen (Lilly)

Compatible with HUMALOG and ABASAGLAR
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*Only Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands
insulclock flextouch tresiba diabetes insulina
Flextouch (Novo Nordisk)

Compatible with TRESIBA
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insulclock solostar latus apidra toujeo diabetes insulina
Solostar (Sanofi)

Compatible with LANTUS, APIDRA and TOUJEO
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*Only Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands

Launch offer!
With the adquisition of Insulclock, PRO version (3,99€/monthly) get lifetime access to the best diabetes App for FREE.

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    Your diabetes, your rules

Insulclock Team supports all people with diabetes who want to face and overtake any type of challenge and demonstrate that diabetes is not an excuse. #youcandoanythingwithdiabetes
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  • Insulclock Eduación diabetológica

    Keep your diabetes in mind

We have prepared an education and training guide on diabetes at length to provide you of information and you can live a healthier lifestyle by knowledge. #insulguide
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    Never stop being informed. For moms and dads

“Dear child!
You can't imagine how much I love you, and at the same time how much I care about you, I want the best for you, I want to be your friend, your superhero, your defender, your shield, if something makes you happy, it makes me happy too, but, if there is something that hurts, hurts, hurts you... I want to be your first guardian, your shield, your watchman... Always, you will always have me.“

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